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In the nine decades following Zefram Cochrane's visionary warp flight in space and the First Contact that followed, the human race has been slowly guided by the Vulcans toward developing the Warp Five engine. Mankind is at last able to explore the virgin depths of space with a revolutionary new starship, the Enterpris

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Broken Bow
Nov 25, 2007

I would like to note that the Bonfire Grill is now under new management- the menu has changed and a lot of the staff has changed. I think the customer service is now much better! I also would like to note that the hotel has had many rennovations done including redecorating and adding an ice machine!more

New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 14, 2007

The Arrow Hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and has a beautifully restored lobby. The suite we stayed in had two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen/dining area, and a living room. Everything was nicely laid out, comfortable and clean. This is definitely the place to stay if you are going to Broken Bow.

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Kansas City, Missouri
Sep 30, 2007
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What an unpleasant stay in an otherwise delightful trip. My wife and I drove up from K.C. for a job interview and stayed at the Arrow for two nights. At first we had high expectations. The lobby is gorgeous with command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Plans to launch Enterprise are moved up when a Klingon courier is shot down by unknown assailants and crash-lands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Feeling that the Vulcans have been condescending toward mankind for years, Archer insists it's the humans' responsibility to return the injured Klingon to his homeworld alive. Archer is fully backed by Starfleet Command, and the Vulcans' objections fall upon deaf ears. With the ship high above Earth in spacedock, Archer has three days to assemble his crew, consisting of the charming southern chief engineer, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III; the strong and wary tactical officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed; the eager helmsman who grew up in space, Ensign Travis Mayweather; the linguistically talented communications officer, Ensign Hoshi Sato; and for his chief medical officer, Archer recruits

e NX-01, under the amantly refuses. He then learns from the tight-lipped Vulcan that Klaang's last stop before crashing on Earth was a planet called Rigel X, so Archer orders Mayweather to set a course for the Rigel system. Meanwhile, a Suliban named Silik interrogates Klaang, trying to find out why he was on Rigel X meeting with a Suliban female named Sarin. At Rigel X, the Enterprise away team discovers an amazing multitude of alien life at a trading complex there, and their attempts to locate information on Klaang's visit are constantly interrupted by strange new sights and sounds. Archer eventually meets Sarin, who tells him of a Temporal Cold War in which the Suliban are being used to incite internal strife within the Klingon Empire. Klaang was bringing proof of this back to his High Council in order to avoid the Empire being thrown into chaos. Hidden Suliban soldiers suddenly attack, forcing Archer, Sarin and the rest of the away team to fight their way back to Enterprise. During the extremely intense firefight Sarin is killed, and later Archer is rendered unconscious from a deep blast to his leg while saving T'Pol's life. As Archer recovers, T'Pol takes command of Enterprise despite Trip's obja clear stream through a valley surrounded by pine-covered hills. Both trails will be enjoyed by nature lovers of all ages.

Numerous park areas located around the lake give the visitor an unmatched opportunity for outdoor family fun and relaxation. Recreational facilities include boat launching ramps, camping, picnic sites, beaches, water and sanitary facilities.

The climate at Broken Bow Lake offers outdoor sportsmen excellent opportunities for year-round angling.

Hunting on project lands are equally good for the hunting enthusiast, and with the exception of developed areas and certain Game Preserves, all project lands are open to the public for hunting. Deer are the most important big game species found in the area.

Archer is found by the Suliban leader, Silik, and the two struggle against each other in a time-shifted environment. Realizing he's no match for the genetically mutated Suliban, Archer tries to gain some distance by exiting the chamber, where time returns to normal. As Archer runs, Silik fires his weapon dead center into Archer, but at that moment the captain dematerializes, being unwittingly beamed back to Enterprise by a nervous Tucker using the relatively untried bio-transporter. Leaving the Suliban behind, Enterprise warps away and successfully delivers Klaang to his homeworld. The Klingon Chancellor draws blood from Klaang, and his scientis

ections, and astonishes everyone by enabling the ship to track the Suliban vessel from Rigel X, rather than ordering the ship back to Earth. After Archer resumes command they arrive at a gas giant planet, apparently losing the Suliban's trail. But T'Pol is again surprisingly helpful when she works with Archer to determine that not one but 14 Suliban vessels have recently entered the planet's atmosphere. Enterprise goes in to follow, and discovers a huge Suliban mothership, or "Helix" with 3000 lifesigns on board. They are attacked by several individual Suliban cell ships, but manage to capture one with the ship's grappler. Archer and Tucker learn to fly the stolen craft and use it to infiltrate the Helix while Enterprise hides in a dense upper layer of the atmosphere and avoids the Suliban's depth charges. Archer and Tucker find Klaang and release him while fending off the Suliban with their new phase-pistols. While Tucker takes the Klingon back to Enterprise, Archer stays behind to set off a magnetic disruptor that dismantles the Helix. Trying to stay alive while waiting for pick-up, Archer discovers a Temporal Chamber used by the Suliban to obtain their orders from a mysterious shrouded figure from the future.Broken Bow

ship is fitted with the latest Starfleet technology, such as the recently approved transporter, which no one is very eager to test on themselves. Quickly the historic launch arrives, and the Starship Enterprise does indeed, in the words of Dr. Cochrane, "go boldly where no man has gone before," warping towards planet Kronos. As Enterprise speeds along her way, the crew all learn more about each other and strong bonds begin to form. Under Dr. Phlox's care, the injured Klingon, Klaang, regains consciousness and Hoshi tries to communicate with him. Suddenly the ship experiences a power failure and unknown chameleon-like aliens invade and kidnap Klaang from Sickbay. Dr. Phlox examines a captured alien and discovers he's a Suliban who has been genetically altered. With the Klingon gone, T'Pol advises Archer to return the ship to Earth, but he ada turn of the century look and lots of western paintings. There's a restaurant near the lobby and a separate...
div>Lincoln, NE
Apr 2, 2007
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Great Hotel, Great Food, Great Bar. I stayed in one of the few rooms without a kitchen. It was clean, comfortable, and nicely furnished. The staff in the restaurant and the hotel staff were fantastic.

Omaha, NE
Mar 25, 2007
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A great place to stay, the roomecies of birds native to the area for birdwatchers to enjoy.

For hikers there are two nature trails available for their enjoyment; the Big Oak Nature Trail which is about a quarter of a mile long and is suitable for use by senior citizens and small children, and the rugged and beautiful Beaver Lodge Nature Trail which is a two-way trail located near the River Bend area and winds along ts find hidden within his DNA the Suliban data proving their conspiracy to undermine the Empire. The Chancellor turns to Archer and acts hostile toward him, but Archer takes his actions as a "thank you." Back aboard Enterprise, Archer receives orders from Starfleet that henceforth, he a

s have a bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Clean and reasonably priced. The restaurant is good, be sure to try the "hog wing" appetizer!

New Jersey
Mar 16, 2007
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It's amazing how this hotel has changed since I last saw it. The entire hotel has been renovated and it has a nice mid-western charm throughout. I really loved the smoking lounge

Jun 23, 2008

Imagine a time before Baymont, or Comfort or Wingate. Before Holiday Inn, for that matter. A time when hotels were all different, and distinctive parts of their communities. The Arrow is such a place--anchoring the southwest corner of Broken Bow's ample town square since 1928. The town isn't anywhere near a U.S. or Interstate highway, which lends it an out-of-the-mainstream...

The lobby is beautiful and the restaurant is nice but go upstairs to your room and it's a different world. Smells like an old hotel and the rooms need updated from the 1970's look. Much better places to stay in town.

the unconventional alien Dr. Phlox. For the ship's first mission, the Vulcans request that an advisor from their ranks be present, and they assign the highly intelligent but stubborn Sub-commander T'Pol. Anticipation and nerves run high as the with its copper ceilings, antique murals, and captivating photographs. The food was excellent, so

Lake stretches 22 miles back into the Ouachita Mountain country where its unusual beauty and scenic appeal beckons all nature enthusiasts. The mountain terrain is densely forested and there are many sp

nd his crew are to officially begin their mission of exploration. Gratefully acknowledging her assistance in the mission's success, Archer sets aside his pride and convinces T'Pol to remain on the ship as Science Officer. A course is laid in for the nearest inhabited planet, and the crew of Enterprise boldly warps toward the unknown.